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Coolifting Facial & Skin Treatment

Hydrate and nourish your skin with our coolifting facial treatment in Sydney which is ultimate hydrating and rejuvenating skin treatment. Call 02 9307 2833


Coolifting Facial & Skin Treatment Sydney

Here is your new ultimate winter hydrating facial. CooLifting treatment improves skin texture and luminosity and aids in reducing deep wrinkles - all in just a few short minutes.

And it is painless and requires no downtime, so you can quickly go about your day as usual.

Now you can hydrate and nourish your skin year-round, but especially in winter, when your skin tends to be at its most dehydrated. Try the CooLifting facial treatment at Sydney’s Infinity Skin (at either the Mosman or Surry Hills clinic) for visibly moisture-infused, rejuvenated skin.

CooLifting is a remarkably fast and effective treatment which addresses dehydration for a more glowing and radiant skin. Using cutting edge technology with the use of the cool gun, treatment has never been more effective or quick—you can easily incorporate the treatment within your busy day, whether it is within your lunch hour or between engagements.

The cold CO2 gas allows deep penetration of the hyaluronate facial solution with mild pressure, which is applied to the entire face. This treatment is unique, innovative, and non-invasive and lets the pores absorb the nutrients and vitamins of the CooLifting serum by the cold mist application.

Treatment Options

Single session: Immediate result after a single session, with a more radiant appearance and increased skin hydration.

Multiple treatment protocol: 3-4 sessions in one month (once a week) provide a longer lasting youthful look, increased radiance and drastically improved skin hydration.

Maintenance treatment: One session every month.

The CooLifting facial treatment. Sydney-siders, make it your new go-to skin treatment for perennially beautiful, youthful skin and feel your confidence flourish.

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