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Medical Grade Skin Peels with Antioxidants at Infinity Skin Clinic

Boost your skins moisture levels with a Medical Grade Peel. Infinity’s antioxidant peel works with hypersensitive, ageing, or acne-prone skin. Book now! 

Medical Grade Skin Peel

Chemical Peels provide skin rejuvenation for fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation problems and alleviate many common skin disorders such as acne and Rosacea.

CosMedix chirrally-correct chemical peels contain ingredients that have undergone a strict purification process.

Unlike other peels that are not chirally-correct, allergic reactions are very rare.

CosMedix peels are also plant-based without artificial colours, preservatives, or fragrances and use the highest percentages of active ingredients to ensure the greatest results.

The CosMedix Benefit PeelTM  is a potent antioxidant peel which delivers a blend of nourishing and stimulating ingredients into the skin layers, resulting in the gentle stimulus of collagen without excessive peeling.

It is the ultimate antioxidant peel for hypersensitive, ageing, or acne-prone skin and because of the purity of the ingredients, is gentle enough for Rosacea clients and will not inflame their complaint.

The CosMedix chirally-correct Timeless PeelTM helps to rejuvenate the skin by improving the visible signs of ageing including dark pigmentation spots and other signs of sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles.

This enormously effective deep peel contains 30% chirally-corrected L-Retinol A. It increases cell turnover in the skin encouraging the growth of new healthier skin cells, as well as removing the top layers of dead skin cells.

The Timeless Peel also increases the skin’s moisture level to give you a younger, smoother complexion.

This medical grade peel can only be performed after the use of at least one month of medical grade skin care to prepare the skin.

Initially we recommend a series of three peels spaced one month apart, followed by periodic maintenance peels.

Please note that these are not the type of peels you can get in beauty salons. Medical grade peels are used only under supervision of a doctor, and will achieve a far better result than beauty therapists' peels.

Initially we recommend a series of three peels spaced one month apart, followed by periodic maintenance peels, in conjunction with a comprehensive skin care regime.

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